Amino Acid tests

Amino acids tests

Amino acids testing expertise

Vitac Pharmaceutical Canada routinely perform amino acid tests, the quantification can be done on pure samples as for the standardization, or as amino acids included in different matrixes.

Amino acids classification

Chemical structure of Amino acids (AA) contains amino and acid groups, with one exception for glycine, all AA have an asymmetric carbon and exhibit optical activity.

Because of variations in their side chains, AA have remarkably different biochemical properties and functions, as a result remarkable variation in biochemical properties.

Amino acids importance in the metabolism

Recent research on the role of amino acids (AA) in the body metabolism highlighted their importance and key functions as regulators, hormones precursors and building blocks of proteins, therefore they are categorized as essential, and non-essential. Among 20 different amino acids identified and characterized, only nine amino acids are classified as essential.

Essential Amino AcidsNon-essential amino acids
L-LeucineL-Aspartic acid
L- LysineGlycine
L-PhenylalanineL-Glutamic acid
Amino acid test capability at Vitac pharmaceutical Canada

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